Sending Labs, Web3 Communication Platform, Raised $12.5 Million for Funding

Sending Labs, Web3 Communication Platform, Raised $12.5 Million for Funding

With a mission to integrate the Web3 ecosystem with modern communication, Sending Labs was founded by developers of Dolphin—the Android-based browser launched in 2011. By leveraging the legacy mobile technology of Dolphin, these engineers are ushering online communication into an entirely new era.

Sending Labs Is Working for a Decentralized Communication Platform

Sending Labs, an innovative startup focused on developing decentralized communication protocols, has successfully raised $12.5 million to build the Web3 communications platform for developers and users alike. This new infrastructure is geared towards providing secure privacy-protecting communications and allowing ownership and transfers of digital assets over community chats with ease and accessibility. With this state-of-the-art offering from Sending Labs, data security and asset management have never been so simple!

Recently, Sending Labs proudly announced the launch of its two messaging products: SendingNetwork and SendingMe. This milestone was made possible by seed financing from well-known investors such as Insignia Venture Partners, MindWorks Capital, Signum Capital, and others like K3 Ventures and the Lingfeng Innovation Fund.

Sending Labs, Web3 Communication Platform, Raised .5 Million for Funding

“Twitter’s Third-Party Ban and FTX’s Collapse Shows the Importance of Decentralization”

Our new products, currently in beta testing, are designed to help developers create decentralized social applications and a comprehensive chatting platform. Developers can leverage these tools with numerous monetization options, including P2P swaps, online marketplaces, freebies & giveaways, or auctions – all enabled via secure smart contracts payment systems.

In their announcement, Sending Labs proclaimed that Twitter’s recent decision to prohibit third-party clients and FTX’s collapse seriously hindered the ability of users to access their assets, making decentralization and digital asset possession a burning topic. Joe Yu and Mason Yang, formerly co-founders at Dolphin–an Android browser–are now leading Sending Labs as its co-founders.

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