It Turns Out Arthur Hayes Is a Giant GMX Whale

It Turns Out Arthur Hayes Is a Giant GMX Whale

As suspicions around the billionaire Arthur Hayes statements roiled, the truth came to light: He had made massive GMX investments. Now that we can see his immense support for their price increase and profitability, it begs the question – how will GMX be affected by this revelation?

The Reasons For Arthur Hayes’s Praise of GMX Have Become A Little Clearer

Lookonchain’s latest post sent ripples of anticipation throughout the cryptocurrency investor community. Arthur Hayes, the founder of the renowned BitMEX exchange, is currently Lookonchain’s largest individual GMX holder, with a whopping 200,580 coins worth $13.47 million! This is no surprise given that he predicted Bitcoin would dip to $10K during last year’s crypto crash and ended up cashing in on an impressive sum of nearly nine-million dollars due to GMX price fluctuation.

It Turns Out Arthur Hayes Is a Giant GMX Whale

From March 3, 2022, to September 7, 2022, he accumulated GMX coins at an average price of 28.5 dollars per share. Considering his previous remarks about this altcoin’s potential during the upcoming bull season and its rising popularity among investors, it was no surprise that Arthur Hayes made such a smart investment decision. If our predictions regarding GMX Coin come true in the near future – so will his profits from this accumulation!

Arthur Hayes Made Interesting Comments About Cryptocurrencies

Last month, Arthur Hayes disclosed in a blog post that the Fed’s policy change could have catastrophic effects on cryptocurrencies. He explained that this was because markets that had been boosted by coronavirus relief funds were waning away. As an outspoken critic of Ethereum and all other crypto assets, he even went as far as to call Solana a “garbage token.” After such harsh criticisms from Arthur Hayes himself, it remains to be seen what will happen next with these digital currencies.

Hayes continues to keep his large savings intact, as he is confident that GMX Coin will be even more profitable in the near future. As of now, Bitcoin price stands at an impressive $22,850, and the collective value of all cryptocurrencies has dropped to a staggering $1 trillion 60 billion. Though global trade volume was comparatively low during the weekend period, it still surpassed 50 billion dollars! Investors remain worried ahead of US inflation data scheduled for February 14th due to its potential implications from recent positive employment figures.

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