How Will Its Future Unvravel: Could Ethereum Be Dethroned?

How Will Its Future Unvravel: Could Ethereum Be Dethroned?

Despite the fact that many arguments favor Ethereum, some contend that the network may yet have difficulties in the future. Members of the community are debating the future of the cryptocurrencies that carry the stigma of being dubbed “Ethereum killers.” This is due to repeated outages of the most well-known blockchains that were thought to have the capacity to unseat the Ethereum network.

A participant in a cryptocurrency community on Reddit spoke candidly about Ethereum’s competitors and questioned the currency’s viability in the current crypto market. The community member claims that because they don’t experience the same level of acceptance as Ethereum, those labeled “Ethereum killers” are unlikely to be successful. The community member also stated that the market valuation of Ether is too high, even if a chain becomes quicker than Ethereum. Thus, the crypto user feels that “no ETH killer will genuinely kill ETH.”

How Will Its Future Unvravel: Could Ethereum Be Dethroned?

The Name “Ethereum Killer” was Deemed Dubious

Numerous individuals from the community spoke up and shared their opinions. The future of ETH killers has been questioned by members of the crypto community in a variety of ways, from pointing out that the so-called ETH killers have not kept their promises to advocating that the name “ETH killers” be completely dropped.

The name “Ethereum killer” should be discarded, according to one Redditor, because “ETH has gotten established” at this point. The participant in the community thinks that although ETH can yet be overthrown, it cannot be eliminated. As of this point, “the entire market would have to be abolished, which is likewise a statistical improbability,” they stated.

Some Argue that Eth might be Overthrown in this Newly Blooming Industry

While many of the reasons are in favor of Ethereum, some still think that the network might yet have problems. One member of the community stated that it is absurd to think that ETH will never fail. The Reddit user stated that because the industry is still in its infancy, the acceptance of ETH does not signify that everything is set in stone.

Some others joined the conversation to give a dash of comedy to the relatively heated online debate, while others offered serious views. Ethereum is the actual “Ethereum killer,” according to one member of the community, while another stated, “What doesn’t kill ETH makes ETH stronger.”

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