Helium Plans to Migrate Completely to Solana in March

Helium Plans to Migrate Completely to Solana in March

On March 27, Helium Network will migrate to the Solana blockchain and launch oracles in order to maximize scalability and reliability. This cutting-edge communications protocol ensures that users are provided with a reliable, high-performing platform.

Migration Will Take Place on March 27 and Will Last 24 Hours

On March 27 at 1500 UTC, or 10:00 AM ET, the current Helium blockchain will be stopped to facilitate a 24-hour migration process. However, Proof-of-Coverage and data transfer activities will remain unaffected during this period. Helium’s team has assembled a group of dedicated volunteers to manage the transition successfully as part of their working group. As per Helium’s blog post on February 17th, “This upgrade will cover all wallets, Hotspots, and network states across the entire ecosystem.”

After the chain pause, validators will discontinue creating blocks, and transactions won’t be able to sync. After every account and token is transported to Solana’s blockchain, a conclusive photo of the blockchain will be taken. Hotspots shall also become nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Rewards accumulated from Proof-of-Coverage during the last 24 hours can still be claimed in your Helium Wallet after transitioning phases while oracles refresh claimable balances so that Hotspot Owners may utilize this new feature.

With no action required on the part of holders of HNT and MOBILE tokens, the majority of hotspot owners need not worry. However, larger fleets may have an opportunity to experiment with claim functions or create their own custom wallets.

Helium Plans to Migrate Completely to Solana in March

This Migration Will Bring Many Benefits to Helium

On September 22nd, the Solana migration was enabled by HIP-70 passing with an impressive 80% majority vote. Developers praised this move as it provided more of its native token for subDAO reward pools, improved mining and data transfer reliability, and enhanced ecosystem support.

Last September, Nova Labs’ Helium creator unveiled a groundbreaking agreement with T-Mobile–a major American telecom provider. This crypto-driven mobile service grants subscribers the ability to earn cryptocurrency rewards for providing data on coverage quality and pinpointing any dead spots within their region. Thus, this powerful partnership between these two companies promises nationwide success!


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