Brazil's One of the First Bitcoin Exchanges, Walltime, Declares Shutdown of Operations

Brazil’s One of the First Bitcoin Exchanges, Walltime, Declares Shutdown of Operations

One of Brazil’s earliest cryptocurrency exchanges announced its operations’ end this Wednesday, February 8th. Walltime commended people for their confidence in a message. The brokerage emphasized that, unlike industry titans like the infamous FTX and, it has never had an event that resulted in the loss of client assets in the eight years of its business.

The Originality of Walltime was Significant

Walltime was considered one of the original Bitcoin exchanges in Brazil and the entire world when all other cryptocurrencies were still relatively unheard-of and were embroiled in risky bets, rife with uncertainty. It was believed to be one of the pioneers of the digital economy and its financial freedom, independence, and sovereignty by many investors.

Walltime praised its clients and expressed pleasure with its journey, prioritizing user delight and platform security without compromising its core values. The vying of least 15 national exchanges for 20% of the market and the entry of giants like Binance, which swiftly dominated more than 80% of the market share, may have been the biggest reasons for the cessation of operations, although the reasons for the shutdown have not yet been made public.

The Originality of Walltime was Significant

Walltime’s Demise Upset its Investors as They Root for the Staff

With its creator Felipe Micaroni Lalli actively participating in bitcoin groups and assisting thousands of individuals for almost a decade, Walltime has always been a serious business committed to supporting its consumers. Several customers commented on the company’s Facebook page lamenting the demise of the brokerage industry, thanking the staff, and wishing them well.

The business treated customers with respect and concern even after it ceased operations, allowing consumers plenty of time to withdraw their money before the site went offline.  Customers may withdraw bitcoins until 10th of April from Walltime, or approximately two months from now.

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