Bitcoin Technical Analysis: What Awaits Us in The New Week?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: What Awaits Us in The New Week?

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which repeatedly forced it to break the August 2022 peak value in the last ten days, fell for five days when it failed to succeed. Last week was when Bitcoin lost strength, and bears retook the stage. When we look at last week, Bitcoin, which consolidated between $ 25211 and $ 22722, completed the week with a loss of 2.95%. Bitcoin, which allowed its investors to sigh relief by stopping this decline on the last day of the week, started the new week with a slight decrease. Bitcoin, which created the day at $23157 yesterday, closed the day at $23554 with an increase of 1.72%.

Bitcoin, which started today at $ 23184, is trading at $ 23088 with a decrease of 0.42% at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

EMA21 is supported in Bitcoin, which says to stop the last day of the week for the previous five days. Bitcoin, which closed on EMA21 with yesterday’s purchases, is having a somewhat selling day today, encountering the EMA5 resistance at the top. For today, our initial resistance points are the $23533 EMA5 level and the falling trendline $24100 levels. If the possible pullback continues, the $23395 level, the EMA21, and the $22558, the bed support, are our first support points.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: What Awaits Us in The New Week?

What is the latest situation in Altcoin?

The latest situation in some altcoins;

Ethereum: down 0.34% at $1636,

Solano: down 1.59% at $22.88,

Avax: down 1.74% at $18.11,

Ripple: down 0.40% at $0.3764,

BNB: It is trading at $306.0, down 0.87% at the time of writing.

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